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Working together with clinical professionals to enhance patient care, our team of scientific experts are focused on discovering and communicating medical insights to support the evolution of our clinical diagnostic products and technologies.

Working Together to Improve Patients' Lives

The landscape of science and healthcare is rapidly changing. By staying connected we can adapt to those changes and continue to accelerate the impact of research on the practice of improving human health and well-being. Impactful science and emerging resilience tie Medical Affairs to our global community.

Promega Medical Affairs provides scientific information to healthcare providers, scientists and payors.

Providing Medical Information

Medical Affairs plays a critical role in the interchange of scientific and medical knowledge as it relates to patient care. By providing fair and balanced scientific and medical information to healthcare providers, scientists and payors, our team assists in the understanding of our diagnostic products.

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Medical Affairs supports scientific exchange.

Engaging in Scientific Exchange

By engaging with key scientific leaders and clinicians through educational opportunities, conferences and meetings, we work to increase scientific and medical understanding in key diagnostic areas, including oncology and infectious diseases.

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Promega Clinical Research Program provides opportunities for clinical research

Supporting Scientific Research

We actively support the research needs of the medical and scientific community by offering opportunities for clinical research. Learn more about the Promega Clinical Research Program (PCRP) and the scientific research we are currently supporting.

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"Working together with medical professionals from around the world, our Medical Affairs team is devoted to recognizing and sharing new discoveries to help evolve and improve patient care. We strive to make certain all healthcare providers have access to cutting edge scientific information."



Promega Clinical Research Program

The global Promega Clinical Research Program (PCRP) supports academic and community-based physicians and researchers who would like to collaborate with us or conduct their own research. The PCRP is focused on better understanding different diagnostic areas that align with our areas of interest to support the clinical utility of Promega products and technologies.

Study Criteria

We provide support to researchers based on the scientific value of the proposal and alignment with our current areas of interest. Study proposals are reviewed by our internal steering committee. Approval of submitted proposals are not guaranteed. Any financial, product and/or training support is contingent upon full execution of a research agreement. For more information please see How Our Research Program Works. We act in accordance with local laws and regulations, including the United States Physician Payments Sunshine Act (the “Sunshine Act”).

Promega Clinical Research Program Areas of Interest

The following areas of interest are currently being supported through this program:

Immunotherapy treatment and MSI status

Comparison of MSI by PCR to alternative technologies for MSI detection or other orthogonal tests for immunotherapy response

Studies using liquid biopsy samples for MSI detection

MSI determination in liquid biopsy


MSI analysis using other non-FFPE sample types

MSI detection and early stage cancers

MSI detection in early-stage cancer, pre-cancer, or polyps

MSI in non-colorectal tumor types

MSI detection in cancers with low percent MSI-H prevalence or other rare tumor types

Effect of tumor heterogeneity on MSI testing and immunotherapy

MSI analysis without a matched non-neoplastic tissue sample

MSI = microsatellite instability

How Our Clinical Research Program Works


Share Your Research Idea

Submit your research idea below. Following your submission, our technical sub-team will review your idea and a representative will be in communication to discuss alignment with our current areas of interest.


Submit Study Proposal

If your research aligns with our areas of interest, you'll be invited to submit a study proposal containing the concept and design for review by our steering committee.


Proposal Review

Once the review by our steering committee is complete, we'll contact you by email to let you know if your proposal has been accepted.


Perform Research Study

If your proposal is accepted, we will work with you to finalize a research agreement and coordinate necessary support and materials to complete the study.

For more information about our research program please contact a Medical Science Liason (MSL) in the Medical Affairs Department at If you're ready to submit your research idea click the button below!