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Reproducible Drug Screening Assays Using Single Organoids

Together, CellRaft® Technology from Cell Microsystems and Promega Cell Health Assays are addressing two critical bottlenecks preventing the acceleration of organoid models into high-throughput screening applications.

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Evaluation of cfDNA as an early detection assay for dense tissue breast cancer

Next-generation sequencing has simplified and improved the speed for identifying and testing circulating tumor DNA genomic alterations, which could improve patient outcomes.

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Interviews and case studies featuring novel ways in which our customers are using Promega products

Samantha Llewellyn uses the CellTiter-Glo® 3D Assay as part of her work to develop predictive 3D liver models for nanomaterial safety assessment.

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Technical Articles

Immunogenic Cell Death: Methods to Measure Damage Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMP)
Easily monitor immunogenic cell death with two homogeneous, bioluminescent assays. 

Lumit™ Cytokine Assays: Interpolating Data with the GloMax® Discover
The GloMax® Discover enables rapid interpolation of unknown cytokine concentrations.

Homogeneous Assays for Triglyceride Metabolism Research
Measuring triglycerides and their metabolism is important for understanding metabolic disease.

Verifying Cell-Based Assays for Use with 3D Models
The use of 3D models provides increased physiological relevance, but it can also present challenges.

Considerations for PCR-Based Viral Assay Development
PCR-based testing is an important tool for detecting SARS-CoV-2 virus in samples.

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The impacts of foodborne pathogens and how qPCR could become a fast and reliable way to test for food-based contamination.


Cell Tracking Using HaloTag: Why Are Scientists Chasing Cells?
Here we review an article that uses HaloTag® reporters for cell tracking in Drosophila eye imaginal discs.

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