People Care

From nurturing individual creativity to building connections among employees, every individual is empowered for personal and professional development in the Promega culture.


Promega is so much more than a place to work. It is a family where each person supports the other to be their best self. We are blessed with a culture of giving and going the extra mile just because it’s the right thing to do. Promega provides the opportunity to create a different way of working and being.

– Darbie Miller, Director, HR Organizational Development


Nurturing Strong Bonds and Building Camaraderie

Since our founding more than 40 years ago, Promega has valued the positive power of connection and relationship. Disruptions and distance brought on by the global pandemic have made this priority all the more fundamental for us as an organization.

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Produce from Blue Bird Farms

Growing Local, Sustainable Food

An on-site culinary garden supplies the multiple cafeterias at our Madison, WI campus with fresh, locally grown produce. Promega France hosts bee hives that yield fresh and delicious honey.

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Investing in Resources for Employee Health
and Well-Being

With a multifaceted approach toward employee well-being, Promega ensures all employees are empowered to be as healthy as they can be with a comprehensive benefits plan, on-site fitness and healthcare facilities and integrated wellness programs. The Promega Wellness Center, located on the Madison campus, offers health consultations and counseling. The annual “Know Your Numbers” health assessments are a free basic blood panel screening that helps employees understand what health risks they might face. Reviewing these results with our Nurse Practitioner, employees can formulate a plan around lifestyle changes they can make to prevent or delay the onset of certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.


Supporting Employee Physical Activity

Promega provides employees around the globe with a multitude of resources to support active lifestyles, including on-site fitness facilities, group fitness classes, reimbursement for health club memberships and a bike commuter subsidy.